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Orlando Canales


A Bit About Me

Orlando formed HD Paving & Sealcoating LLC with his brother, Gustavo, in 2014. Their desire, work ethic, passion, and overall trust in God have helped them create a solid foundation for the family-owned company. Orlando serves as the company's President but isn't afraid to pick up the lute, hop on the roller, or get dirty while helping the asphalt, sealcoating, or concrete crews get the jobs done.

Outside of his work life, Orlando enjoys spending time with his wife and their dog "paki". His hobbies include playing soccer, listening to Jimmy Swaggart, reading the Bible, and working on his trucks. On Sunday's you will find Orlando in Philadelphia giving food and clothes out to the less fortunate while spreading the Gospel to everyone present. 

Orlando's biggest goal is to pave the way for future generations that will continue with the family owned company. For now, Orlando will continue to serve as the President of HD Paving & Sealcoating LLC.

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