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Concrete is a great alternative to asphalt pavements. There are many benefits that concrete has over conventional asphalt pavements. Concrete is more durable than asphalt, it generally requires less maintenance, lasts nearly two times longer, and is 100% recyclable. In addition to the asphalt services that we provide, HD Paving offers a wide array of concrete solutions. This allows us to truly recommend the best option to fit your needs.

Concrete Services

HD Paving is able to construct large scale concrete lots and even small repairs. Though typically more expensive up front than asphalt, our concrete options are cost competitive when factoring in lifecycle and maintenance costs. There are many benefits marketingly to choosing concrete:

  • Weather management – Concrete parking lots generate a lower temperature.

  • Low maintenance – A concrete parking lot requires minimal upkeep.  Concrete only needs joint sealing and an annual cleaning.

  • Long lifespan – Concrete parking lots can last for twenty or thirty years.

  • Environmental benefits – Concrete surfaces use less material to maintain and reduce urban heat island effects. They also require less energy to light up since it has reflective properties.




HD Paving working with a topping and typical asphalt overlays, offering more strength and durability. Similar to an asphalt overlay, the pavement is first milled to a proper depth before installing a thin layer.

concrete services-slab

Pervious Concrete:


Pervious concrete, like porous asphalt, allows storm water to seep into the ground.  It provides environmental benefits and acts as an alternative storm water management system.  Pervious concrete enhances the already durable and cost-effective nature of concrete with more sustainable attributes

Sidewalk, Apron and Curb

New, renovation, alteration or replacements.  Following the codes and ordinances by the Public Works Department.


Maintaining your pavement is a very important aspect in maximizing the life of your asphalt or concrete. Performing the correct maintenance at the right time will ultimately save you money by reducing the frequency in which patching, resurfacing, or replacement is needed. Call HD Paving today for help with setting up a proper maintenance plan and budget.


Looking to renovate and highlighting your property with a decorative design and installation of pavers/ bricks, this is an option that you can have with us. Patios, walkways, sidewalks, driveways, and more… Working with a variety of styles and colors, choosing the best that fits your needs.



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