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Gustavo Sanchez

Vice President

A Bit About Me

Gustavo has served as the company's Vice President for the last 6 years. Having drawn interest in his brother's vision of creating a paving company, he joined Orlando to start up HD Paving & Sealcoating LLC in 2014. Having no previous experience in the paving industry, he found it difficult to settle in at first. Gustavo started out as a general laborer before working his way up and learning everything from the lute, to the roller, to the paver. Eventually Gustavo took the next step and enrolled in a driving school where he received his CDL Driver's License.

Besides serving as the company's Vice President, Gustavo enjoys spending time with his family and siblings. He also enjoys traveling and visiting other states and countries. Some of his hobbies include playing soccer, reading the Bible, making others laugh, and listening to music.

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